We all need to feel happy and safe and love to experience a sense of wonder about the world around us. This is what Kozie allows people to experience through music.

the way we work

An art project results in a socially innovative product.

Kozie sprang from Tactile Orchestra, an art project by Kunstlab Arnhem and Studio Roos Meerman. Using smart textile technology to create shared musical experiences, Tactile Orchestra  is a furry wall object, reacting to touch. When you touch the wall, you hear an instrument playing music. If more people touch it, more instruments up to a complete orchestra can be heard.

Tactile Orchestra is the basis for KozieWe. We developed the wall and tailored the fabrics, colours and sounds to stimulate the senses.

KozieWe is now placed in homes for people suffering from dementia and people with multiple disabilities. We introduced the KozieMe as a portable version of the wall object, which can be used individually.

social return

We make Kozie in cooperation with workplaces for sheltered employment.

Our core value is connecting people. Not only our products but also the production process reflects that. We work together with organisations that offer a sheltered work environment; our PCBs are made by Assembly Partner in Dordrecht, the sewing is done by Glober in Arnhem and Kozie is assembled by De Voorwerkers in Arnhem. De Voorwerkers also install KozieWe at health care centres.  In this way we ensure social return.

team kozie

Roos Meerman
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Gerlinde Bouwman
project manager
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Tom Kortbeek
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Tim Rouschop
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Jens Oosterloo
production management
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The brain and dementia.

The brain of a person suffering from dementia is damaged. How does dementia affect the brain and cause the symptoms of the disease? In a nutshell, the brain can be divided into 4 levels, which in their turn can be separated into the subcortical and the cortical brain. The 2 lower levels make up the subcortical brain, or…

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