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KozieMe is a soft pillow with built-in speakers and is available in multiple colors. The pillow is easy to use: by touching the pillow it will produce different sounds so the user can listen to his or her favorite sounds without any help. With the added SD-card you can easily personalize KozieMe with personal voice messages or songs.

The KozieMe is developed by award-winning designers. They have developed their artwork Tactile Orchestra into an innovative E-health product. Read more about the background of this project here.

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The influence of cuddling and ‘snoezelen’ on people with dementia

Smelling, seeing, feeling and hearing;  four senses of a human to discover the world and put it into perspective. They are very important for each human being, but especially for someone with dementia. ‘Snoezelen’ was brought to life to activate the senses. It is a form of sensory activation in an environment with a cozy ambiance. All senses are activated by the use of smells, touch, music, warmth, taste and light.

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The KozieMe consists of a touch sensitive panel in a water resistant inside cover. The outside cover is available in a variety of colors. It can also be personally tailored.

Price: € 485,- exclusive of VAT
It is also possible to rent the KozieMe.
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  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Hygienic: pillow case is washable
  • Easy to charge via the standard USB connection
  • Easy to personalize with favorite music, audio books, or voice messages by using the SD-card. Learn more about personalizing your KozieMe here.
  • Built-in speaker, headphones connection available

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