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Feel the soft fabric. By stroking you can make that beautiful walk through the forest. Hear the birds sing, a brook flow and a dog bark in the distance. With KozieWe you can bring outdoors inside. By touching the wall object it produces forest and city sounds. KozieWe can be used individually or in a group, by using headphones and/or speakers. The KozieWe can be bought or rented. 

The KozieWe is developed by award-winning designers. They have developed their artwork Tactile Orchestra into an innovative E-health product. Read more about the background of this project here.

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How does music help to bring back memories of the past for people with dementia?

Human beings store memories in the brain and recall them when there is a stimulus. For people with dementia this is very hard as their memories fade. How do specific songs help them to bring back memories of the past?

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The KozieWe consists of seven touch sensitive panels of soft felt. The characteristics of felt ensure a long lifespan and a unique sensory experience. As the KozieWe is always on, it is ready to use whenever you want.

Price: € 3.900,- exclusive of VAT
It is also possible to rent the KozieWe. Please contact us for more information. 

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Hygienic: easy to clean
  • Fire resistant and abrasion resistant
  • Always accessible: connected to mains current
  • Comes with four sounds (city sounds, forest sounds, string orchestra and Mariachi band) 
  • Built-in speaker, headphones connection available
  • Also available tailor-made

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Are you interested in Kozie for the healthcare facility you work for? It is possible to buy or rent the KozieWe for a fixed price a month. We are happy to arrange a meeting and inform you about Kozie. Book a free product demonstration!

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