About Kozie

Everyone wants to live in a safe, warm and happy environment. Kozie is a music pillow that stimulates feelings of comfort and safety for people with dementia and Alzheimer's. A sense of home. When touched, the pillow will make music and sounds that a person can listen to without any help.

About Kozie

Everyone wants security and happiness, wants to feel safe and relaxed. With the KozieMe music pillow, Kozie offers an intuitive and musical way to connect with the environment. A sense of home, for people with dementia and Alzheimer's.

Experience music by touch

De KozieMe is ontstaan uit het kunstproject Tactile Orchestra van Fillip Studios. Het is een project waar slimme technologie wordt gebruikt om samen muziek te ervaren. Zo ontstond Tactile Orchestra, een groot, zacht wandobject dat reageert op aanraking. Bij elke aanraking klinkt een instrument, en als meerdere mensen het wandobject aaien vult het aan tot een compleet strijkorkest.

Stimulation of peace and safety

Our KozieMe music pillow is inspired by this art project. The music cushion reacts to touch with music and stimulates peace and safety. A sense of home. The KozieMe can be listened to independently, without any assistance, with personal sounds and music.

Kozie connects

Connecting people is important to us. The KozieMe connects people to their environment. We also want to connect in the production process. That is why the KozieMe is made in sheltered workshops.

How does the brain work with someone with dementia and Alzheimer's?

With someone with dementia, the brain no longer works properly. Too many stimuli can come in or too few. An environment with dynamic incentives is needed. When there is a shortage of stimuli, such as movement and sound, people with dementia look for stimuli.