Frequently Asked Questions

How does the KozieMe work?

Klik hier om de video te bekijken over de werking van de KozieMe.

Waarom werkt de KozieMe?
Lees in de volgende artikelen waarom KozieMe werkt bij mensen met Alzheimer en Dementie.

Read here about the brain of people with dementia and Alzheimer's.
Read here about the effect of "snoezelen" with people with dementia or Alzheimer's.

How do I put songs on the SD card?
Click here to go to the "Personalise KozieMe" page 

Can I wash the KozieMe cover?
Yes, the outer cover of the KozieMe can be washed at 30 degrees. The cover cannot be tumble dried. Do not iron the cover, steaming is possible. Consult the washing label in the outer cover.


Can I take the inner cover off the KozieMe?
Leave the inner cover around the KozieMe. When you have a problem with the KozieMe, please see our other frequently asked questions or contact your Kozie supplier.


My KozieMe gives an error message. The light flashes red and I can no longer get the KozieMe on. 

You need to update the KozieMe by going through the following steps:

Step 1: Click here to download the update file

Step 2: Put the Main1.udf file on an empty SD-card

Step 3: Push the SD card into the SD slot

Colored lights will appear, as soon as they go out, you can remove the SD card and the update is complete. kaart verwijderen en de update is voltooid

Click here to watch a video.

Step 5: Remove the Main1.udf file from the SD card and put your own music or sounds back on the card.

The KozieMe should work again. Is this not the case? Please contact your Kozie supplier.


I am interested in the KozieMe, what are the options?

Click here to contact one of the KozieMe sellers.